To signify our determination to make Macau a LGBT-inclusive world city, the Rainbow of Macau invites you to be a part of the Global “Rainbow-Flashmob” by waving rainbow flags in front of the landmark of Macau – the St. Paul’s Ruins on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (17 May 2013) at 3pm sharp. (more…)

The Hong Kong transsexual Joanne will tell the story from its very beginning.  While Pan Lei, local cultural critic, will speak in a cultural perspective on sex and gender.  You have a place to sprinkle the sparkles. (more…)

In regard to disapproval by the Legislative Assembly of the “Civil Union between Personsof the Same-sex” bill on 28 March 2013, in pursuant to Law No. 5/94/M, Ipetition the President of the Legislative to safeguard the rights of the sexualminority groups in Macau. I request the President of the Legislative Assemblyto accept my petition in accordance with laws.  (more…)

The Macau LGBT Rights Concern Group has asked members of the Legislative Assembly to give their support to the passage of the Same-sex Civil Union bill. At the same, we petitioned the President of the Legislative to refine the conditions of the bill to better safeguard the LGBT rights in Macau.


Macau LGBT Rights Concern Group had a videoconference with the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations last night (18 March 2013). In the conference, the absence of protection for Macau’s LGBT community, especially in the upcoming domestic violence legislation, has been revealed to the Committee. (more…)

The Macau LGBT Rights Concern Group submitted earlier an NGO report to the United Nations on LGBT equality in the domestic violence legislations and in the laws of Macau. (more…)