Petitioning the Legislature Assembly: Equal protection for same-sex couples


08 January 2015

Dear President of the Legislative Assembly,

Pursuant to law no. 5/93/M, the Rainbow of Macau (hereinafter “we”) exercise our right to petition to the Legislative Assembly (AL). In regard to the proposal of “law of prevention and correction of domestic violence” which will be deliberated in plenary on 12 January 2014, we have the following points to make: Read more ›

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One-person-one-postcard campaign: Domestic violence legislation inclusive of same-sex partners


The Rainbow of Macau is hosting a “one-people, one-postcard” campaign on 06 – 30 November 2014 which helps citizens, in particular the LGBT individuals who do not feel comfortable to express openly, to say some words to Secretary Chan in support of a domestic violence legislation inclusive of protection for same-sex partners. Read more ›

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Domestic violence bill in conformity with international standards of human rights

05 November 2014 - DV - 1 - trimmed

Dear Secretary Florinda Chan,

Rainbow of Macau reaffirms our stance on domestic violence that any act of violence in domestic settings – however “trivial” or “accidental” – should fall into the scope of public crimes.

It has come to our attention that the Domestic Violence Bill is close to completion and will be submitted to the Executive Council shortly. Rainbow of Macau urges for the restoration of “same-sex couples/co-habitants” in the domestic violence legislation Read more ›

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Petition to the President of the Portuguese Republic about Same-sex Marriage

15 May 2014 - Portuguese Consulate

President of the Portuguese Republic

Dear President Cavaco Silva,

We are defenders of equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) residents of Macau. Given the number of Macau residents who possess Portuguese citizenship and the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Portugal, we believe it is an unalienable right for Macau residents who possess Portuguese citizenship to enjoy the same right as the fellows in Portugal. Read more ›

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16 April 2014 - IDAHO Poster

This year in 2014, Rainbow of Macau will celebrate IDAHO at two locations in Macau on two consecutive days. Read more ›

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The Enlightenment of Love


We have a dream, that one day all love, regardless of sexes and bonds, will be enjoying the miracle of love itself. At this Christmas Eve, Rainbow of Macau is brightening the Old Court Building in Praia Grande to celebrate the existence of love, and of love itself. Read more ›

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