Charter and Regulations

The Charter of the Rainbow of Macau

I. Names and Aims

1. This organisation is named “澳門彩虹” in Chinese, “Arco-íris de Macau” in Portuguese, and “Rainbow of Macau” in English.

2. This is a not-for-profit organisation which aims at: a) providing support to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (hereinafter called “LGBT”) community and other sexual minorities; b) promoting the social awareness and recognition of the LGBT community; c) advocating equal rights for the LGBT community.

3. The address of this organisation is the place where the administration usually works, and, by the approval of the Board of Directors, may be relocated to any place in Macau.

4. The correspondence address of this organisation is Alameda Lacerda Post Office P.O. Box No.6642.

5. The working languages of this orgnisation are Chinese and English.

II. Qualification, rights and obligations of Membership

6. Individuals who agree to the aims of this organisation and this charter may apply for membership; by the approval of the Board of Directors, an applicant is admitted as a member.

7. Members have the rights and obligations to: a) vote and to be elected; b) criticise and give suggestions; c) participant in the activities and works of this organisation; d) comply with the chåaarter and the resolutions; e) pay membership fees.

8. Members are found against the charter or the internal regulations, or causing damage to the reputation of this organisation, by the approval of the Board of Directors, are deprived of their membership.

III. Organisation

9. The General Assembly is the highest authority; the General Assembly has a Chairperson and a Secretary whose term of office shall be 2 years, and has the authority to: a) make or amend the charter; b) elect the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors; c) Determine the direction, missions and plans.

10. The Board of Directors is the executive organ of this organisation with the authority to: a) prepare for the call for a General Assembly; b) implement the resolutions by the General Assembly; c) report the work and financial situation to the General Assembly.

11. The Board of Directors has a Director-General, a Secretary and a number of Directors (the number of all members of the Board of Directors must be odd) whose term of office shall be 2 years; at the discretion of the Board of Directors, Honour President and Consultants may be appointed.

12. The Board of Supervisors checks and monitors the work of the Board of Directors; the Board of Supervisors has a Supervisor-general, a Secretary and a number of Directors (the number of all members of the Board of Supervisors must be odd) whose term of office shall be 2 years.

IV. Meetings

13. The General Assembly must be called for a plenary at least once a year by notice of no less than 8 days delivered by registered mail or by hand; the President of the General Assembly may call for a plenary when he or she deems necessary; motions are adopted by simple majority vote, unless otherwise required by the laws; amendment to the charter requires three quarters of the present members to vote in favour; dissolution of this organisation requires three quarters of all members to vote in favour.

14. The meetings of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors are called for every quarter of a year, and may be called for in special circumstances.

V. Supplementary Provisions

15. This organisation shall be financed by sponsorships, subsidies and membership fees.

16. The Board of Directors may establish Internal Regulations to codify the rules not yet set forth in the charter; all other matters are processed in accordance with the existing laws in Macau.

17. The Board of Directors shall be the interpreter of the charter when the General Assembly is not in session.

*In the event of inconsistency between the Chinese text and the English text, the former shall prevail.