Rainbow of Macau Agrees Recess to Jason Chao

(Macau, 2 July 2013) In order to maintain impartiality in the upcoming legislative election, as well as in response to the agreement made with Mr Jason Chao, Spokesperson of Rainbow of Macau’s LGBT Rights Concern Group, the Organisation declares today that Mr Chao takes temporary recess from the aforementioned position until further notice, effective from today.

Rainbow of Macau strives its hardest to maintain a neutral position in this Legislative Election by means of including, but not restricted to, not openly supporting any of the election candidates. Nonetheless, Rainbow of Macau reserves the right to obtaining candidates’ positions towards Macau’s LGBT issues.

Mr Chao has been holding the position since May 2013, when Rainbow of Macau decides to include Macau LGBT Rights Concern Group as a sub-organisation. Due to the fact that Mr Chao has gathered his list to run for the Legislative Election, Rainbow of Macau thus decides to take the mentioned action.

During Mr Chao’s leave from Rainbow of Macau LGBT Rights Concern Group, the Executive Board of Rainbow of Macau takes full charge in the management of the Concern Group as usual.