Briefing with the UN on LGBT Rights in Macau

Macau LGBT Rights Concern Group had a videoconference with the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations last night (18 March 2013). In the conference, the absence of protection for Macau’s LGBT community, especially in the upcoming domestic violence legislation, has been revealed to the Committee.

The NGO-only conference offered the Concern Group a precious opportunity to discuss the current situation and difficulties of Macau’s LGBT community directly with the international human rights body which oversees the ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in Macau. The Concern Group prominently noted that the elimination of ‘same sex cohabitation’ in the ‘Anti-domestic Violence Bill’ is undeniably an unfair and exclusive step.

The Committee members were glad to have a chance to hear about the situation of Macau’s LGBT community.

Following the submission of a shadow report on the LGBT rights in Macau to the Committee in late February, the Concern Group was invited to the conference with the Committee, in order to more thoroughly prepare for the recommendations to be given later this year.