Results of the Survey on Macau LGBTIs 2016


On 12 May 2016, Rainbow of Macau releases the results of the “2016 Macau LGBTI Survey”, conducted by the Organisation, which is also the second occasion of such survey. Read more ›

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Conference on 2016 Macau LGBTI Survey Results

Conference on Survey Results - Poster

“2016 Macau LGBTI Survey” will provide valuable data to policy-makers, scholars, and NGOs to better serve the LGBTI communities in Macau. Read more ›

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Survey on LGBTIs in Macau 2016

2016 Macau LGBTI Survey - Poster

Rainbow of Macau is conducting the second survey on LGBTI people in Macau. The survey aims to study the scenarios and challenges that LGBTIs face in Macau. Read more ›

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UN requires Macau’s domestic violence legislation to protect without discrimination

2015-12-13 14.36.32

The UN Committee against Torture (“UNCAT”) held a hearing in November 2015 to review the ratification of the “Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” by the Macau SAR Government (“the Government”). On 09 December 2015, the UNCAT published its official concluding observations on Macau. Read more ›

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Spokesperson briefs UN Committee against Torture about Macau domestic violence legislation


Dear distinguished members of the Committee,

On behalf of Rainbow of Macau, I would like to stress the importance of reinstating protection of same-sex couples in Macau’s domestic violence bill. Read more ›

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Update on the Avery Case – First-ever Application for Changing Gender Marker in Macau

2015-02-22 15.14.15

The Avery (anonym) Case has raised some public awareness on the need of transgender people since its first appearance in the news. Before Avery’s departure from Macau, she has authorised members of Rainbow of Macau Anthony Lam and Jason Chao to follow up the application Read more ›

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