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Conference on 2016 Macau LGBTI Survey Results

Conference on Survey Results - Poster

“2016 Macau LGBTI Survey” will provide valuable data to policy-makers, scholars, and NGOs to better serve the LGBTI communities in Macau.

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Survey on LGBTIs in Macau 2016

2016 Macau LGBTI Survey - Poster

Rainbow of Macau is conducting the second survey on LGBTI people in Macau. The survey aims to study the scenarios and challenges that LGBTIs face in Macau.

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One-person-one-postcard campaign: Domestic violence legislation inclusive of same-sex partners


The Rainbow of Macau is hosting a “one-people, one-postcard” campaign on 06 – 30 November 2014 which helps citizens, in particular the LGBT individuals who do not feel comfortable to express openly, to say some words to Secretary Chan in

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16 April 2014 - IDAHO Poster

This year in 2014, Rainbow of Macau will celebrate IDAHO at two locations in Macau on two consecutive days.

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The Enlightenment of Love


We have a dream, that one day all love, regardless of sexes and bonds, will be enjoying the miracle of love itself. At this Christmas Eve, Rainbow of Macau is brightening the Old Court Building in Praia Grande to celebrate

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Rainbow of Macau Speaking at the Rainbow China Forum

On a Review and Prospect of the LGBT Rights Movement in the Greater China Region

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​​Macau's first pro-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual) rights NGO